A study of the take off submission

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A study of the take off submission

The verses which address the wives manifest a certain pattern or structure, which I have attempted to demonstrate above. While there are many who do not like what Paul has to say to wives in these verses, there is little doubt as to what he has written.

He begins with the general command in verse 21, and then applies it to wives in verses and 33b. He repeats his instructions three times, each time giving more detail as to what is required of the godly Christian wife is she is to be in submission to her husband. Very often, this is the case—but not always.

And so it is that submission is called for on the part of husbands to their wives 5: Since we are commanded to submit ourselves one to another, we are to place all others above ourselves.

I doubt that any one word can sum up the essence of what the Scriptures mean by submission. Let me suggest several words, each of which identifies a certain element of submission. It costs us something to render service to the other person. Conversely, when we submit to those under our authority, we evidence this with sacrificial service.

I believe that the difficulty we find in defining submission is due, in part, to the fact that while submission is the same in its essence, it may differ greatly in its expression, depending on the context it is found. The first is the submission of women to men in the context of the church which is corporately gathered.

The second context for the submission of the woman is that of marriage. This is the context for the submission which Paul calls for in our text in Ephesians chapter 5. In our next lesson, we will address the subject of the submission of the husband as the head of his wife.

In this lesson, we are dealing with the submission of the wife to her husband as her head in marriage. This text does not require a general submission of all women to all men. It requires the submission of a wife to her own husband.

Her love for others is of the same essence, but not the same expression. There are not restrictions specified or implied as to the scope of her submission to her husband. Initially, I was inclined to think otherwise. In that text, Jesus was asked to elaborate on the exceptions, to specify in what exceptional cases divorce could be sought.

Jesus refused, turning his questioners attention to the rule, rather than to the exceptions. This was not because there were no exceptions see Matthew 5: Permanence in marriage is not only the ideal but the norm, and divorce is never to be given the status of that which is expected.

Consequently, I was convinced that Paul was speaking in a similar way here: My answer is that the apostles disobeyed, but they did not cease to be submissive. But in her disobedience, she can still be submissive in spirit. Let me illustrate what I am saying from the life of a very godly woman, whose name was Abigail, as found in 1 Samuel chapter Her husband was a rich man, with many cattle.

David and his men hid out in the hills where Nabal lived and kept his flocks. And yet when David asked for an expression of appreciation from Nabal at the time of the sheering of the sheep, Nabal hotly refused. David was greatly angered, and set out to kill not only Nabal, but every male associated with his household.

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Abigail knew that her husband has refused to give David what he had asked for. She knew that he would forbid what she was about to do. Nevertheless, Abigail went out to meet David, along with the gifts which David had asked for. David listed to her and took her gifts.

And later, after God struck Nabal dead, he took her as his own wife.

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A study of the take off submission

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A study of the take off submission

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