An overview of the pyramid of giza and the concept of the worlds wonder

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An overview of the pyramid of giza and the concept of the worlds wonder

Overview[ edit ] Ancient astronauts proponents suggest that aliens came to Earth long ago, citing artifacts such as this ancient Mesopotamian cylinder seal.

Proponents of the ancient astronaut hypothesis often maintain that humans are either descendants or creations of extraterrestrial intelligence ETI who landed on Earth thousands of years ago.

An associated idea is that humans evolved independently, but that much of human knowledge, religion, and culture came from extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times, in that ancient astronauts acted as a " mother culture ". Some ancient astronaut proponents also believe that travelers from outer space, referred to as "astronauts" or "spacemen" built many of the structures on Earth such as Egyptian pyramids and the Moai stone heads of Easter Island or aided humans in building them.

The evidence is argued to include archaeological artifacts that they deem anachronisticor beyond the accepted technical capabilities of the historical cultures with which they are associated. These are sometimes referred to as " out-of-place artifacts "; and include artwork and legends which are interpreted in a modern sense as depicting extraterrestrial contact or technologies.

The building of the great pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) in Giza -details of the chambers and shafts

The idea was proposed in earnest by Harold T. Wilkins in ; it received some consideration as a serious hypothesis during the s. Ufologists separated the idea from the UFO controversy. By the early s little remaining support of the theory could be found.

Ancient astronaut proponents suggest that these may represent extraterrestrial visitors. Votive relief of the winged priest of Dudu on display at the Louvre Museum, France.

An overview of the pyramid of giza and the concept of the worlds wonder

In Intelligent Life in the Universe astrophysicists I. Shklovski and Carl Sagan devote a chapter to the argument that scientists and historians should seriously consider the possibility that extraterrestrial contact occurred during recorded history; however, Shklovski and Sagan stressed that these ideas were speculative and unproven.

The contact story was preserved as an oral tradition by the preliterate Tlingit. Over a century after its occurrence it was then recorded by anthropologist George T. Although it is framed in a Tlingit cultural and spiritual paradigm, the story remained an accurate telling of the encounter.

An overview of the pyramid of giza and the concept of the worlds wonder

According to Sagan, this proved how "under certain circumstances, a brief contact with an alien civilization will be recorded in a re-constructible manner. He further states that the reconstruction will be greatly aided if 1 the account is committed to written record soon after the event; 2 a major change is effected in the contacted society; and 3 no attempt is made by the contacting civilization to disguise its exogenous nature.

Sagan also reiterated his earlier conclusion that extraterrestrial visits to Earth were possible but unproven, and improbable.

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The iconography and accompanying Maya texthowever, identifies it as a portrait of the ruler himself with the World Tree of Maya mythology. According to his view, humans considered the technology of the aliens to be supernatural and the aliens themselves to be gods.

Young Earth creationist author Clifford A. Wilson published Crash Go the Chariots in in which he attempted to discredit all the claims made in Chariots of the Gods.

According to Sitchin, Nibiru continues to orbit our sun on a 3,year elongated orbit. With their small numbers they soon grew tired of the task and set out to genetically engineer laborers to work the mines.

After much trial and error they eventually created Homo sapiens sapiens: Sitchin contended the Anunnaki were active in human affairs until their culture was destroyed by global catastrophes caused by the abrupt end of the last ice age some 12, years ago. Seeing that humans survived and all they had built was destroyed, the Anunnaki left Earth after giving humans the opportunity and means to govern themselves.

Semitic languages scholar Michael S. Alfordauthor of Gods of the New Millenniumwas an adherent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis. He quotes various lines of evidence, including advanced astronomical knowledge inherited by the tribe, descriptions, and comparative belief systems with ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt and Sumer.

His work draws heavily on the studies of cultural anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen. Many of these faiths see both ancient scriptures and recent revelations as connected with the action of aliens from other planetary systems.Activists and a war monitoring group say Syrian government and Russian warplanes have targeted the southern edge of Idlib province with a series of.

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BCE) is also known as the 'Age of the Pyramids' or 'Age of the Pyramid Builders' as it includes the great 4th Dynasty when King Sneferu perfected the art of pyramid building and the pyramids of Giza were constructed under the kings Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.

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