Christmas gift ideas for college girls

November 3, I whole-heartedly agree. Growing up, I never received any special treats or gifts. Those were reserved for birthdays smaller and Christmas my parents always found a way to go all out at least in my perception. It was such a special day and we all took turns opening gifts so everyone could see what everyone gave to one another.

Christmas gift ideas for college girls

Anydollardeals, despite the drudge of dollar duds available, there are many cool things and fun gift ideas to be found lining the shelves of any dollar store.

Ok, maybe twenty bucks. Here are 50 gift ideas for him, for her, the kids, and for everyone in between, bought from a local dollar store: Spend a buck and save a fortune with better gas mileage and fewer trips to the pump. Any hypermiler out there would agree that a tire pressure gauge is a must for any driver.

See 10 Ways to Save Money on Gas for more anti-gas-guzzling ideas.

Christmas gift ideas for college girls

This one comes complete with SAE and metric markings. I dunno what that means, but it measures things just fine. Polish a car, clean up a mess, or shine a pair of shoes. Microfiber is soft, durable, and can be used to wrap a gift too. For light-weight jobs, this mini set will get the job done.

Three rolls of tape in three different colors. Great for emergencies where adhesive is essential, and for physically taping your mouth shut in any sticky situation. Maybe a gal in your life could use this stuff too. A little loofah goes a long way to scrub the rough edges and soften your skin cells.

Sorry fellas, softer skin usually comes at the scrubbing good price of one dollar. Use it to keep track of your spending and stay on budget. A pack of super-soft baby washcloths is amazing for gently washing sensitive skin.

Also great for removing makeup and that black mascara stuff. Get in the mood by lighting a few tea lights for a spa day or while reading some good Chick Lit. These unscented white votive candles are simple and can also be set ablaze for many parties and festive occasions.

A little box of matchsticks is needed for lighting the candles, of course! Get your footsies callus-free and ready for shoe season before the New Year. This one is made of wood and is double-sided for the toughest of toes. Tiptoe along the sandy shore and get the beachy grit outta your toes with a soft-bristle nail brush.

Good for fingernails too.Even after coming up with Operation Christmas Child shoe box ideas for Samaritan’s Purse, I’m sure there are lots of things that I didn’t list, but at least this will get you started. To ease your gift-giving stress, we've selected the coolest gifts approved by the chicest collegiates.

We know that there's so much going on in a college girl's life with everything she's balancing—classes, extracurriculars, internships, and more.

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