Haleeb foods company analysis

Hire Writer Dairy industry in Pakistan Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of milk in the world with a total production of 28 billion litter of milk in a year.

Haleeb foods company analysis

One of the most popular and globally recognised brands in foods and beverages 2.

Haleeb foods company analysis

One of the most diversified product portfolio 3. Global reach with presence in over countries 5. An employee strength of aroundpeople 6. CSR through PepsiCo Foundation, which works in the sector of education, health, water conservation, education etc.

Pepsi Refresh Project that funds new ideas or ventures that have the potential to benefit the society 8. Strong and efficient supply chain network, ensuring that all the products are available even in the most remote places 9. Excellent branding and advertising with global celebrity as brand ambassadors Tie-ups, sponsorships with global sports events, music concerts, etc Weaknesses 1.

Strong competition in the aerated drinks segment from Coca Cola means high brand switching 2. Cases against products have been blown out of proportion, thereby affecting brand image Opportunities 1.


Increase penetration into developing countries and capture their market 2. Increase its product portfolio by acquisition of other brands 3. To expand the Yum! Brands eatery in untapped countries and regions like tier 2 cities 4.

To improve its brand image by involving in more CSR activities to benefit the locals Threats 1. Health consciousness amongst people can take a toll on its aerated drinks and snacks food markets 2.

Compliance with different government regulations and norms in different countries 3. Inlation, economic slowdown and instability causes decline in the purchasing power of consumers 4.

Strong competition from other brands in each segment of its operation PepsiCo Competition Below are the 3 main PepsiCo competitors: Coca Cola Company 2. Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry.

Advertisements Browse marketing analysis of more brands and companies similar to PepsiCo.In response to a petition against the sale of substandard milk and water in Pakistan, the Punjab Food Authority has sent samples from 30 dairy companies and bottled water companies to a.

Haleeb Foods has the distinction of being the first company in Pakistan to use Tetra Pak’s novel packaging formats, Tetra Brick Aspetic (TBA) and Tetra Fino Aseptic (TFA). Haleeb plant was the only plant based on the latest technology and the basic idea behind that was providing consumer quality packaged food particularly dairy Foods products.

Haleeb is one brand that is today known everywhere.

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Olpers final 2. Mohammad Waris Butt Ahsan Aslam Wahab Yunus Mujtaba Mehmood Submitted to Mr. Jawad Saleem Marketing strategy (B) EFL OPLER’S Marketing strategy Analysis. Brands like Milk Pak (owned by Nestle) and Haleeb Milk (from Haleeb Foods) had led the dairy market in the world’s fourth largest milk producing country for nearly .

Analysis shows that Habeeb Foods are the pioneer of UHT milk. They shifted market towards tetra pack but their main failure was weakness in supply cahin & distribution channel for Dairy queen milk.

Haleeb foods company analysis

Although they have strong distribution channels for haleeb milk.

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