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It is well worth reading any book he writes because, invariably, he presents an alternative perspective on how business and how organisations work, generally one which drives from the combined power of both a theoretician and an experimentalist - a rare breed indeed. The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning is no exception. It is a book about finding a general theory of strategic planning which, given that the search is rooted in Mintzberg's observations of what actually happens in the real world, has the potential for practical application. His perspectives make one's understanding of the subject more complete; they promote one's ability to balance a potentially narrow view of the world with something richer.

Henry mintzberg 2004 p 9 in

A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development, Berrett-Koehler Publishers Many times we can read in the business literature that the leader or the manager is someone who can be constructed during the learning process. Making of the manager is a subject of numerous articles giving the faith to the people who want to take on management as their main job.

But is it really so? In most cases the process of constructing the manager starts at the business schools.

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The theories are discussed, case studies are resolved with optimum scenarios but it does not mean that the graduates are the ready managers. Mintzberg is giving the examples of the reasons why people want to achieve MBA — there is almost no mention of the management.

Henry mintzberg 2004 p 9 in

We will write a custom essay sample on Henry MintzbergP. It is a way of getting high positions or starting up own businesses but not the way to manage better or be the manager. In my opinion the management is all about accepting the responsibility but in business schools there is not much mention about it.

Henry mintzberg 2004 p 9 in

In many cases the MBA is a way to accept high position with a high salary but not the responsibility as the last financial crises proved.

Managing is so closely related to lifeto the context of the job and the company. It constitutes a separateever changing universe which can be in most cases hard to describe not to mention taught. For the management students it is difficult to imagine the real context of the issuesthe real people with their real characterscomplicated interpersonal connections and finally complexity of the business operation itself.

The real skills and real knowledge of how to use the skills are formulated on the job.

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In theory they can survive but they have no chance faced with real life situations. In my understanding he claims business schools produce consultants and analytics but not managers.

There are so many examples of graduates who cannot really manage and managers trained on the job without the academic background who can tackle the issues effectively and with excellent results. Therefore the work experience which is called off by Mintzberg should constitute the basis for the development and training given by the business schools.


So should the biz schools be closed and reformed to some post graduate courses only? In my opinion definitely notbiz schools create the basis for excellent employees not only in managerial area but in some other high valued positions.

Choose Type of service.The purpose of this article is to examine the intersection between the fields of leadership and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on how the path taken by leadership research can inform entrepreneurship and possibly lessen this young field’s growing pains.

Influences of Business Environment - The business environment is constantly changing as time goes by. There are several factors that affect the aspects of the business environment such as benefits, costs, and risks of conducting business. In response to changing contexts, other new theories have been placed forward by other distinguished academia such as Henry Mintzberg (), John Kotter () and C.P.

Hales () which offer more concurrent perspectives on the concept of management. Henry Mintzberg, OC OQ FRSC (born September 2, ) is a Canadian academic and author on business and management.

He is currently the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he has been teaching since Institution: Desautels Faculty of Management. The Effects of the Economy On Business Administration - The Effects of the Economy On Business Administration The career I choose to pursue is .

Un administrador es quien controla, ejecuta, maneja, analiza, comunica, vincula, planifica, lidera, negocia, motiva y toma decisiones, entre muchas otras actividades, dentro de una organización, un área, rama, unidad o departamento de la misma, con el propósito de conseguir que se cumplan ciertos objetivos.

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