If i could be ms dhoni for one day

A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lift the World Cup after 28 years.

If i could be ms dhoni for one day

What about a " tough bastard " I wondered, and who better than the cult figure named Who Shot The Barman, a stablemate of champion Winx in the Chris Waller team? Owned by the O'Leary broes of Wanganui, and named after an aunty who loved the grog. She protested at her glass being empty with " Who shot the barman?

How does Who Shot The Barman continue to be so competitive and maintain high energy levels? Mars, the energy planet, was at Scorpio 19 on 2 Nov,in a brilliantly positive trine to Uranus Pisces For the undereducated, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are harmonious, also with their great mates Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn.

Humans with similarly positive aspects involving Mars at birth are invariably tough bastards. Blessed with plenty of positive energy and very few health problems. Arrrogant, too, but able to keep on producing. And it's so easy to scan the planets for identical Mars aspects to find more strong humans, or another Who Shot The Barman.

For the early yearling sales there will be spring foals. You'd be looking for those born during awesome Mars trines to either Pluto, Uranus or Saturn. Those in days around Aug 22, Sept 2 and Oct 1 must be considered. Conversely, those which arrived around Sept 24,Oct 11, Nov 19 and Dec 1 are to be avoided.

Weakened Mars on those dates, and the possibility of the greatest NZ-owned yearling sales flop, Saperavi. Aussie Mal Turnbull's " incredible reversals " in have been well documented and last week's media brought another: As noted already, current cot-case Jami-Lee owns the dreaded Scorpio Moon.

NZ's Sir Mark Todd as well. None renowned for sticking to same old for very long.

If i could be ms dhoni for one day

So who was the married MP? Automatically we look at prospects with strong planets in Saggy's friend, adventurous Aries, especially Venus which loves a dart down the blind side.


Only one was deemed honourable enough for an appearance in last November's Annual Prophesies, www. Sins are there to be committed. Soon after I did some research on the chaotic Uranus-Mars transit seriously hampering Labour Deputy Kelvin Davis in identical to what's been harassing Simon Bridges this year!

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It's a zillion dollar industry that makes pharmaceutical companies a lot of money. Sometimes it's to late, the cancer has spread, by the time a mammogram "sees" the cancer. Some years ago I started noticing common denominators for cancer victimsUranus or Pluto in House 6.

Something clients who possess same are warned about, with a lady last year confirming that she'd already had a bout of the dreaded cancer!

If i could be ms dhoni for one day

Serious health issues can be identified at the moment of birth, as I tried to explain in to a veteran NZ Herald journo, Jane Phare, of all people. Hardly the recipe for mental expansion and Phare showed no interest in Astrology at all.

No further interest from the snotty-nosed, institutionalised journo. The " massive change of lifestyle " would depend on Venus' position in one of the 12 Houses at birth.

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If in House 10, career would be affected, in House 7 partnership matters would be highlighted etc Three years after our conversation, My Phare Lady was telling her Herald readers: My skinny body, a legacy of chemotherapy, radiation and Herceptin, which has left me feeling unwell, the intravenous portacath sticking out like a sink plug, and my hair.

After months of baldness, it's growing back like a thick mat of springy moss. Nothing like the fine, straight hair I used to have. Like regeneration after a fire, my eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back, too. But what I stare at most is my right breast, the one I lost when a regular mammogram revealed what all women fear.In the end it proved to be a bizarre innings from India in the second one-day game at Lord’s as they didn’t as much as display they were making an effort of going for the target of MS Dhoni – The Untold Story, which is a recent movie on the life of currently India’s limited over Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni broke a lot of records at the box office and is said to be one of the very successful biopics made in Bollywood.

Before all this could happen, MS Dhoni had set a new record that even he doesn’t know about it. We all know MS Dhoni for his ability to knock the bails off the stumps from behind the wicket in. Alex Hales blasted a magnificent 58* as England levelled the three-match series with a five-wicket win in the Cardiff game.

Get highlights of second Twenty20 between India vs England. Kohli will get a lot of flack for bowling out his key bowlers very early and the team selection of course, but come on, whatever your name is, you got to back yourself to defend 45 off 18 balls.

MS Dhoni is concerned about the damage being inflicted on bowlers in one-day games. Photograph: Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP/Getty Images The India captain, MS Dhoni, admits he fears for the future of.

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