Journey to the ocean floor

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Journey to the ocean floor

Journey Across the Ocean Floor Date: Ocean Floor We should have listened to the rumours. My friend and I were, as usual, ignoring the media's absurd attempts to frighten us. It had always seemed to be the goal of every news channel to be more dramatic than the next, and in the rather unneeded confusion, no one was prepared.

Everyone thought that it was all just a hoax. So now, as the deathly virus known to dissolve H2O molecules has infected the entire planet, many changes have occurred.

In this Post-Apocalyptic world, there are no more oceans. Any remaining water sources would have to be found in underground caverns. Many species of plants and animals have dehydrated to death, Journey to the ocean floor humans.

It started when my friend Kyle and I were dared to spend an entire week surviving with the rats in the dark, underground winding catacombs which set below London.

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They were almost entirely cut off from the rest of the world in the sense that most people did not know their way around them. Kyle knew them though, and he knew them well. So, to prove that we were not the cowards that we would have otherwise appeared as, we accepted the dare.

We knew we were just wasting another week summer, but we had to prove our bravery under any circumstances. We would be living with the rats for the week. Our surprise came after the week was up and we found our way out through the labyrinth that we entered it.

We peered just past the entrance towards the river, and came to a shocking astonishment.

Journey to the ocean floor

The Thames was utterly gone! It was basically a waterless river. That wasn't the worst part of it though. The streets were polluted with dehydrated bodies. Whatever hit pretty much drained the water out of everything in its path.

Luckily, we weren't on that path, and the virus had already passed. Among the bodies, one was still moving. We rushed over to ask the dying old man what happened, and hoped to help him.

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While Kyle rushed back to the catacombs to get our water, in hopes of saving him, I confusedly asked what exactly happened. With his dying breath, he gasped, "It's the virus. It has dissolved every last bit of water from the oceans and rivers It has dehydrated every last per pers " His body slumped over, and fell from my grasp to the ground in a dead heap.

His body joined the rest in horrid dehydration. Kyle rushed back with the water, but it was too late. We could not save him in time. Our greatest concern now was finding a better source of consumable water, as well as other survivors like us.

Kyle and I peered out towards what once led to the mouth of the Thames. We would have to depart soon.Oceans: A Journey from the Surface to the Seafloor (3-D Explorer) Hardcover – April 1, Five spectacular 3-D pop-up panoramas feature clever transparent layers, revealing each ocean zone from the surface to the seafloor.

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Future marine biologists will be /5(12). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Oceans: A Journey from the Surface to the Seafloor (3-D Explorer) BUY THIS BOOK! Zones of the ocean, the ocean floor, habitats, plant life, animal life are all covered beautifully in this 3D book.

The text is not geared for beginning readers, but young children will be drawn to the /5(9). Journey to the ocean floor. [Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm); Films Media Group.; BBC Worldwide Ltd.;] -- Marine scientists have mapped the ocean floor and discovered that the "spine" of the earth runs down the Atlantic Ocean, then up through the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The ocean floor was utterly covered with dead ocean plants and animals. The stench was just sickly, and quite frankly made me feel sick, myself. Every once in awhile, we would even come across the carcass of . Journey to the Ocean Floor Oceanography is a science that draws upon the methods and knowledge of geology, chemistry, physics, and biology to study the ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is . Likes, 41 Comments - Brandon McMillan (@animalbrandon) on Instagram: “A sneak peek at our documentary “Great White Abyss” airing tonight at .

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