Lima kekuatan bersaing pt aqua danone indonesia

Nurse administrators are often responsible for large-scale policy planning, staff management, financial resource management, and business management, in addition to their core responsibilities of coordinating and supervising the delivery of health care. Today, most senior managers expect you to have leadership and management skills in order to set your own administrative priorities in addition, you must have skills to manage all contacts, create, store and retrieve documents, plus a broad variety of other administrative skills.

But, how those businesses can manage the change and how successful they are at it, it depending on the nature of the business, the change, the people involved and also how far the people within it understand the change process.

Change management refers to the process of continuous improvement, where organizational development is totally based on individual development. Being aware of the present situations and continuously reviewing them for the betterment of people which includes employees, employers, clients, customers and also their families.

Modern companies are in a state of cultural change, we know that business landscape of the 21st century is characterized by rapid change due to technological, economical, political and social change. Change must be realistic, achievable and measureable.

Good change management is always accompanied with a good and structured support process that assures people that when people have difficulty in adapting to a new reality that they never be alone.

Change management depends on trust and honesty. If we want to manage change, we need to ask the following question: What needs to be change? How should this change happen? How can the change be sustained? Who is affected by this change and how will they react to it?

How much of this change can we achieve ourselves and what parts if the change do we need help with?

Lima kekuatan bersaing pt aqua danone indonesia

These aspects also relate strongly to the management of personal as well as organizational change. But, not everyone welcomes change; take the time to understand the people we are dealing with, and how and why they feel like they do, before we take action.

They have received many national and international appreciation of their good work. So, in this paper the writer want to focus discussed more deeply about the change management that happened in the Danone-AQUA company. The writer hopes this paper provides useful information, give benefits and increase knowledge for all of us.

We cannot stop change. So, what is the change management? To define change, we could say that it is the process of moving from the currents state to a vision of the future. To define Change Management is a systematic approach to dealing with change from a current state to a desired future state, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level, which together are used to manage the people side to change.

There are three aspects in change management, which are: Change management has typically been defined as a process involving unfreezing, moving and refreezing values, practices and procedures within organization.

Mildred Golden Pryor, We are unfreezing the old state and refreezing the new state so that it becomes established. Baekdal, Unfreezing is a start phase to motivate us and create understanding for the process as a whole.

Unfreezing is to identify what and why we need to be change.

Lima kekuatan bersaing pt aqua danone indonesia

Unfreez phase refers to the creation of a perceived the difference between the existing and ideal state of an organization that generates a desire for change. Usually we analyze first the cost and benefit, then we must ensure to concentrate on the new and make a plan.

Moving is an action phase where we solving the project. Usually moving is defined as the process of change.Mar 24,  · Vacancy from Danone Aqua. It’s our aim here in Danone to be the world’s fastest moving Food company, and today we focus in Dairy, Beverages and Baby Foods with notion concept of health and nutritious products.

Danone AQUA, as part of Danone Group is a leading Beverage Company in Indonesia and no.1 Water producer in the world, invites high.

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