Lion king heroes essay

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Lion king heroes essay

Sigmund Freud interprets the unconscious as a place where thoughts, feelings and memories are kept, and cannot easily be brought into the conscious mind. However, some neo-Freudians, such as Carl Jung, thought differently. Jung believed that there was not only a personal unconscious, which is what Freud describes, but a collective unconscious as well.

The collective conscious contains universal human memories, ideas and patterns of thinking called archetypes. The characters in the movie, The Lion King display a diverse variety of archetypes through their own character traits.

Simba, the main character and protagonist of The Lion King, shows a number of archetypes throughout the course of the film.

The film starts at his birth and shows his experience as a lion cub. His behavior as a youth attributes to the child archetype, in which he is many of the things a young child is. Simba is outgoing and curious and explores wherever he can, even going places as dangerous as an elephant graveyard.

He is also tricky and rebellious, as he goes outside the areas of Pride Rock, even when his father, Mufasa, strictly tells him not to. These are all traits that would normally be associated with children or teens.

The Lion King: A Hero’s Journey Essay

As Simba grows older, he starts showing different traits. Specifically, the older Simba displays the hero archetype. Simba returns to Pride Rock and confronts Scar in the final battle and shows mercy by sparing him, another trait of a typical hero.

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Nav view search The title "the Lion King" emphasizes that a lion is king, most likely referring to the main character, Simba.
Fifty Essays Both the lives of Simba and Hamlet are profoundly changed by their uncles.
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Archetypes of the Lion King - Sample Essays Hire Writer Specifically, the older Simba displays the hero archetype.

Scar is another character that displays different archetypes in The Lion King. His character traits throughout the movie give him the villain archetype. Not only is he bitterly sarcastic, he deceivingly follows Mufasa, only to plot his demise and usurp the place as king of Pride Rock. Scar takes his cruel plan as far as killing him in a stampede and making Simba believe it was his fault.

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He is deceiving and a liar, even until the point where Simba spares his life. Not only is he deceiving, he is also traitorous when he blames the destruction of the Pride Lands on his army of loyal hyenas. These actions clearly show the villain archetype.

Another archetype Scar shows is that of a dictator. He takes over the entire Pride Lands and terrorizes its inhabitants with his hyena army. He rules with an iron fist, and eventually begins to starve the other animals with little sympathy.

These are the traits of a dictator, and they are prominent in Scar. However, other archetypes exist in the movie in other forms, such as the environment and music.

The movie opens with a scenic view of a sunrise, which is commonly associated with new beginnings or birth. When Simba is born, the animals all rejoice, and their cheering is an archetype for a joyful event. Later in the movie, Scar is seen constructing his army of hyenas.

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During these scenes, everything is straight and orderly, and the hyenas are marching in a uniform fashion.

These styles are an archetype to dictatorship, specifically alluding to the style Adolf Hitler led the German army. The archetypes, and the ways they present themselves in The Lion King add a level of depth in the interpretation of the film, and overall makes for a more interesting experience.THE SPIKE.

It was late-afternoon. Forty-nine of us, forty-eight men and one woman, lay on the green waiting for the spike to open.

We were too tired to talk much. Film - The Lion King: Journey of an Epic Hero. My Account.

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Essay on The Lion King: Journey of an Epic Hero. Essay on The Lion King: Journey of an Epic Hero Beowulf vs. Gilgamesh as Epic Heroes Essay - Clack. Bang. Swish. Auuuuugh. This is the sound of clanging armor, flying spears, and slicing swords.

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Lion king heroes essay

by Nicole Cohen, David Eads, Rose Friedman, Becky Lettenberger, Petra Mayer, Beth Novey and Christina Rees – Published December 3, By: Johann Machuca The Hero's Journey Essay- The Lion King Like Simba, there are many other heroes in stories face the perilous journey of becoming a hero.

In majority of movies, the hero's journey can show what the hero goes through and how the hero faces their trials and tribulations with some.

Lion king heroes essay

Free Essay: The Lion King is a true hero's journey that takes place in the savannas of Africa. The title "the Lion King" emphasizes that a lion is.

Oct 04,  · The Lion King is one of my favorite "classic" Disney films; I'm sure many people out there feel the same. It is a fun movie for both children and adults. But like most great works, it is both entertaining and meaningful.

In this article, I will specifically discuss how The Lion King connects to Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet and talk about the similarities and differences between the tranceformingnlp.coms:

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