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Nsf dissertation grant

I did not end up winning this grant, so do not use this as a guide to grant-writing! It is merely a reflection from a first-timer's perspective. This experience was like training for and running a marathon for the first time. I managed to cross the finish line submitting a legit-looking proposalbut my performance wasn't stellar chances of winning are slim.

In the process, though, I learned enough about NSF grants that my next submission attempt will be less arduous. This article is a reflection on the past eight weeks of my life immersed in grant-writing mode.

It's most useful for other first-time applicants, especially for NSF grants. It's useless for experienced applicants since you already know all of this by now. But maybe it's fun to laugh at my naivete! This article is not meant to be a definitive advice guide.

I have never won an NSF grant, so what I say might be bogus. These are just my unfiltered thoughts at the moment. What you're supposed to do When I was interviewing for faculty jobs last year, I was SUPER Nsf dissertation grant about the prospect of competing for grants with experienced veterans.

Information on NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants

After my first interview, I was so anxious that a part of me was reconsidering this career path. A year later, I'm still scared, but there's no way forward except to try NSF grants are vital for getting tenure in my field computer scienceso that's what everybody applies for.

From talking with over faculty during interviews and informal chats, I kept on hearing two pieces of advice: The first NSF proposal you submit should be a collaborative grant with senior faculty who have already won NSF grants and developed relationships with program officers.

Nsf dissertation grant

You should get senior faculty to recommend you to serve on an NSF review panel so that you can get insider knowledge of how grants work from the reviewer's side.

These best practices greatly improve your chances of success when applying for your own grants. But since I'm impulsive, I just jumped the gun and decided to apply for my own sole-PI grant without ever having served as a reviewer.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this path, but forcing myself into a situation that's a bit beyond my comfort level is how I personally learn best.

Timeline 7 weeks before deadline — Saw a somewhat-relevant-looking NSF funding call on Twitter social media rocks! Cold-emailed a program officer listed on the website to ask for a time to chat on the phone. That didn't pan out, so I cold-emailed another one and arranged a time to chat.

And prepare a ton for that initial phone call to make a good first impression. She was very helpful but told me that she was going to be on vacation starting in 2 weeks and won't be back until after the deadline.

So we got most of the initial paperwork done in the subsequent 2 weeks.

Nsf dissertation grant

There were a lot of logistics to set up as a first-time applicant. Also, another administrator from my university's grant office forwarded me some relevant PowerPoint Webinar slide decks about the grant for which I was applying.

In general, I didn't want to take up too much of Rob's time on this proposal since it was for future work that's not related to my current postdoc role.A Successful NSF DDIG Example September 15, / Nate Lemoine / 2 Comments Researchers often have to compete for funding from federal or state governments, agencies, or universities.

The following programs provide either direct (i.e., from NSF) or indirect (i.e., from an awardee institution) funding for students at this level or identify programs that focus on educational developments for this group such as curricula development, training or retention.

“The Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant program in the Division of Environmental Biology has come to an end,” NSF staff members wrote in DEBrief, the blog of the Division of Environmental Biology, after the announcement yesterday.

“This decision was difficult, but the NSF and [the. Funded NSF Research and Dissertation Grants The links below contain information about the funded Research Grants and Dissertation Grants for the years View citations for published work resulting from AIR Grant Awards.

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For dissertation proposals, the principal investigator is the dissertation advisor, with the dissertation student listed as the co-principal investigator. Accordingly, students should include their dissertation advisors in all communications with program staff. Information on NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants The deadline for the submission of dissertation improvement grant proposals to the Law & Social Sciences Program of the National Science Foundation is fast approaching.

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