Outline how material things on city

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Outline how material things on city

Expanded rules for necromancers and undead Full stats for all 29 of the major NPCs described in the setting book Several NPC archetypes and monsters An adventure generator Because the companion is designed to work with the Drakonheim: City of Bones setting book, the companion does not contain setting information on its own.

While written with Drakonheim in mind, all the material can be used in a range of fantasy settings. Heroes of Drakonhiem This three-chapter adventure introduces the players to the city of Drakonheim, as the heroes live through events that shape the city.

The heroes trudge into goblin-infested sewers to solve a series of disappearances, confront the rise of the necromancers from the Gray Society, and finally defend the city from a hobgoblin invasion. Originally written by Matthew J.

City of Bones Drakonheim: City of Bones has already been published after an earlier successful Kickstarter campaign. It is a system-free setting that details the important people, places, and plots in, under, and around the city.

It gives history and flavor to the necromancers who rule the city, the holy order that clandestinely opposes them, the goblins who live beneath the city, and the monster-infested lands around it.

City of Bones already had its own Kickstarter campaign, it will not be affected by this one. However, for those who don't already own a copy, it is available as part of some pledge levels or as an add-on. While you are at, it you can visit author Richard Woolcock's blog where he talks about the creative process.

Necromancers operate openly in Drakonheim. This preview contains just a few of the many undead-focused Edges, Hindrances, and setting rules in the Drakonheim Savage Companion. Goblins inhabit the ancient sewers below Drakonheim.

In this preview we show off the new goblin race and its racial Edges in the companion, as well as a pair of encounters from the Heroes of Drakonheim adventure that feature goblin friends and foes.

In the final chapter of the Heroes of Drakonheim adventure, the heroes race against time to prepare the city to defend against invasion. This preview describes the new system for managing the heroes' limited time and shows a few options of how they might prepare the city.

To learn even more about the setting, you can also check out the previews created for the original Drakonheim: City of Bones Kickstarter campaign. A cabal of necromancers who have recently come out of the shadows and now operate openly in the city.

Knights of the Eclipse: A clandestine order dedicated to destroying undead. The dwarven section of the city, it is home to the ancestors of the now ruined kingdom of Grendus. Territory to the north of Drakonheim controlled by hobgoblin war clans.

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Outline how material things on city

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Outline how material things on city

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