Pop art movement essay

Dog by Jeff Koons. Mirror-polished stainless stee sculpture made to look like a children's party balloon in the shape of a dog. One of the artist's iconic 20th century paintings.

Pop art movement essay

Pop art movement essay

Both of these movements had their own unique qualities however, I found Pop Art very intriguing and wanted to look further into the movement. I have looked into the background and context, the key players and their work, the themes and styles associated with Pop Art as well as the reaction to the movement.

Osterworld, Pop Art, The older generation of artist such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth were not kin to reflect the new cultural transformation; it was this that made the Independent group held an informal meeting to discuss the cultural events at the institute of contemporary arts in London states Osterworld, Pg Members of this institution include Richard Hamilton and Neil Henderson they were said to be the organisational minds of the groups states Osterworld, Pg Osterworld also stated the topics of the meetings included artistic techniques beyond the traditional forms of representation, action painting, folk culture, the mass media, advertising, the cinema and comics.

Osterworld, Pop Art, pg 63 Pop Culture and Pop art was being refereed to mass popular culture rather than works of art by stated Osterworld, Pg Pop Art was now being employed to describe new works of art produced and had spread to become the central stylistic concept on the scene stated Osterworld, Pg The first stage of British Pop Art had focussed on performed media imagery, then the changed in society that brought along the second phrase of Pop Art stated Osterworld Pg Osterworld, Pop Art, Pg American Pop Art also evolved round the fifties, it had major European influences states Osterworld Pg Guided by change in society a younger generation of artist were starting to shine through.

Andy Warhol's And The Pop Art Movement Essay

Commercial art, design and poster painting saw the emergence of a number of important artists these were Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg and many others explained Osterworld. Pop Art become to achieve success and recognition as an art movement, by the mid sixties it got more developed and subject matter expanded however it still fall back on traditional techniques of composition and style states Osterworld, Pg The last phase of American Pop Art was characterized by an acerbic, radical realism that had come from American origin and specialised in urban social relations, radical realism soon become an international movement stated Osterworld Pg 92 Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Roy lichinestein were the main key players in Pop Art; Richard Hamilton is one of the main British Pop Artists, he was born In London stated Osterworld, Pg He further developed his work by using different technical reproduction methods, the effects of everyday life and peoples viewing habits such as; photography, film and television played a huge impact, states Osterworld, Pg Honnef, Pop Art, Pg He began to use elements of commercial art and comics in his works, cited from www.

In the Roy Lictenitsten foundation was set up. Lictenstien provided an insight into how images played an important role in the war, he used images of guns but never shown a victim he only used heroin text to describe the violent act, stated Honnef, Pg McCarthy, Pop Art, Pg This statement is taken from McCarthy, Pg There was some truth in Rosenberg statement Pop Art had revealed the tensions of a moment that is was in trouble, the boom of the economy which helped Pop Art raise to success this was than shattered by the anxiety of the Cold War states McCarthy Pg Movement in Modern art:Postmodern Art Movements.

Fauvism and Expressionism

So far, there have been no great international art movements during the postmodernist period. Instead, the era has witnessed the appearance of a number of narrow, localized movements, as well as several brand new types of art, like video and word painting.

Academic Essay; Images; References; Pop Art | Laura Vilaca. Jamie James also contributes with a definition of the movement, uttering that “Pop Art is painting and sculpture which borrows its imagery from the mass culture – high art mimicking low art -, () [thus elevating].

Free Essay: The Pop Art Movement Pop art got its name from Lawrence Alloway, who was a British art critic in ’s. The name “Pop Art” reflected on the. Language and/as art. Language was a central concern for the first wave of conceptual artists of the s and early s.

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Although the utilisation of text in art was in no way novel, only in the s did the artists Lawrence Weiner, Edward Ruscha, Joseph Kosuth, Robert Barry, and Art & Language begin to produce art by exclusively linguistic means..

Where previously language was presented as. Pop Art was a visual arts movement of the 's and 's in Britain and the United States of America. The term Pop Art referred to the interest of a number of artists in the images of mass media, advertising, comics and consumer products.

Pop Art is an abbreviation of Popular Art, the images /5(8). "The body is the physical agent of the structures of everyday experience. It is the producer of dreams, the transmitter and receiver of cultural messages, a creature of habits, a desiring machine, a repository of memories, an actor in the theater of power, a tissue of affects and feelings.

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