Reworded thesis statement

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Reworded thesis statement

Posted on February 10, 2 Comments Everyone knows the classic representation of a manly man: It includes the clothes he wears, how he stands, the look on his face, whether or not the man has a sense of power that one can see radiating from his body. When products are being sold to men the company selling them will usually use this classic representation to do so.

However in this Reworded thesis statement advertisement the company takes a new approach in the way the man acts toward his significant other in a time of struggle in this ad being war.

Instead of having the man not care about his woman when there is something as grave as a war going on the man chooses to put his woman first and promote peace instead of violence. The ad has a strong emotional appeal involved with it, which draws the viewer into the story behind the commercial and hooks them in all together.

Reworded thesis statement

The ad opens up with eerie music that you would find in an important scene of a movie. This serves the purpose of setting the mood for the advertisement; it creates the feeling of a tense situation.

The ad then shows clips of numerous wartime situations in which either a soldier or leader is in a tough situation. War is a very touchy subject that generates emotion through its mere mention.

When the viewer is shown these strong men who are choosing to put down their weapons and fight for their loved ones instead of against the opposition it sends a very powerful message. For a man to promote peace and love this goes against the normal view that a man should always be tough and fighting but in this ad he is fighting for his woman instead of his country.

There is a lot of historical significance behind the ad that serves to add to the pathos. The different wartime situations in the advertisement can each be related to a real war that our country has had to face in the past hundred years or so. In the opening scene a Middle Eastern man is caring a very important looking briefcase followed by body guards, he flips it open and inside is a large red button which seems as if pressed will fire a large missile or something of that nature.

Reworded thesis statement

This can be related to the war in Iraq where we believed the country was holding many weapons of mass destruction to be used against the United States. Another scenario played out in this ad is a helicopter landing in a jungle like environment.

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A man steps out of the helicopter over the noise of the blades cutting the wind holding a large assault rifle. He goes to meet an attractive Asian woman who has come to meet him in the middle of what looks to be her rice field.

This can be related to the war in Vietnam where the United States invaded the country in helicopters with large assault rifles to fight, just as the ad has shown. The purpose of creating realistic situations that have historical significance is to bring emotion into the mix of the ad.

These events were very real and many good men lost their lives to fight for their country in them. Where the ad goes about things differently is where instead of having the man only worried about the war the man focuses on the woman.

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In the instance of the man climbing out of the helicopter with his assault rifle as he meets the Asian woman he throws his gun on the ground and embraces her with a very passionate kiss. Basically saying forget fighting, all I care about is you. The other example where the middle eastern man presses the large red button as he is sitting on a couch with what looks to be his wife or girlfriend instead of a large bomb or missile going off, the red button shoots fireworks into the air to create a romantic situation for a man and his wife.

This portion of the ad appeals to logos, it is saying that if you wear Axe Peace you will have the confidence to go against society norms and make bold moves to try and earn the love of the ones you truly care about.Thesis statement definition pdf, - Buy college level papers.

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my essay is on the evacuations in wwii. you are not wasting your time reworded thesis statement why homework should be banned in primary school with the conclusion; you are getting right down to work showing why you proved your thesis statement in the body introductions and.

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Get an answer for 'I need to reword my thesis [added below] into a general thesis statement, without including the subtopics of ghosts, magic spells, and tranceformingnlp.comng to Shakespeare's. Reworded ideas from thesis statement. required part of concluding paragraph restating the points you set out to make from the beginning.

Concluding thought. wraps up the essay and brings it to a satisfying close; required .

Thesis statement: Soccer isn’t as popular in the United States as it is in the rest of the world because people do not know enough about the game; Read aloud what you’ve written of your speech and identify places that can be reworded to make it easier for you to deliver. References. a. Present thesis, reworded, as the logical conclusion of the summarized arguments: i. Peer pressure ii. Personal wellness iii. Preparation b. Concluding statement: broaden focus to place topic in wider context. Jan 12,  · Help end of the sociology essay will go over the main points from the essay and will contain the thesis statement reworded. While it should only be a few sentences long, essay conclusion is the most important .
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