Samsung comparison with apple

Weight Tipping the scales at over g, the iPhone 8 Plus is the clear heavyweight champion of the year. For reference, a nickel weighs 5 g, so the difference between that and the lightest phone on the list, the Google Pixel 2, is about the equivalent of carrying around 12 of the coins. Colors Fancy names aside, most of these phones come in muted tones of black, silver and gray.

Samsung comparison with apple

These two are the most renowned mobile gadget manufacturers in the world, although they also produce a wide variety of electronics. Samsung and Apple have been competing at all levels of mobile phone production and have close customers. The release dates of their phones are some of the most awaited days in the phone industry.

Samsung pros and cons Samsung is among oldest manufacturer of phones and they serve a global market producing a wide variety of gadgets ranging from large 5.

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It also allows integration of advanced computing technologies and software in mobile phones. Their designs are some of the best and most efficient in the market.

You can find phones that are over half a decade old and still perform optimally. Some include maps and GPS tracking, mobile wallets, high-definition cameras, ergonomic display and fast web browsing, expanded memory and multiple-user interface.

Other benefitspros and good things about Samsung phone includes competitive prices, durability, speed, availability and ease of repair. The Galaxy S series is one of the priciest in the market. Smartphones are heavy battery users due to background applications.

Your latest phone will soon be out of fashion and new trendy designs come sooner rather than later. Apple pros and cons Apple is another world market leader in phone production. Their phones are blatantly the most awaited and feature long queues for a chance to own one gadget.

They offer ITunes and Apple Store for applications and downloading. They also have features like Apple Pay mobile wallets and fingerprint recognition. They are also very durable and feature shock absorbing capabilities.

Other benefits and pros of Apple Phones are trending designs, a wide variety of features and unparalleled reputation. Conclusion Samsung and Apple are the top two phone manufacturing companies and fierce competitors. Their release cycles almost complement each other and comparing their latest devices is often interesting.

Above are some of the obvious pros and cons surrounded in using these brands.

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It also depend on the particular phone so before any body shop for a phone the specifications and other features of the phone must be thoroughly read because once purchased the value of the gadget drop down quickly and most of the time it is not easy to change the phones instantly.If you want to see comparison photos, check this article, which does an excellent job showing side-by-side photos from Apple, Samsung, and Google flagship phones.

Physically, this year's flagships run the gamut from petit to pocket-hogging, with the plus-sized Galaxy S8+, iPhone 8 Plus, Pixel 2 XL and OnePlus 5T all firmly in phablet territory.

The Samsung Gear S2 (left) takes on the Apple Watch, as we compare the features and specs of the two flagship smartwatches. View gallery - 28 images. Comparison between Apple and Samsung Mention to smartphones, the first two brands flashing into my mind are Apple and Samsung.

The top five smartphone vendor market share in is 17% for Samsung and % for Apple.

Samsung comparison with apple

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